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Your Life Sucks…

Fujisan Sunrise by I Am Janosik (2005)

Let those three words sink in.  Deep.  Believe it.  Embrace it.  Let it froth. 

Now forget it.

Instead, look up at the photograph of this beautiful sunrise I took near the summit of Mt. Fuji, and be inspired to make your life suck less.  Because you can’t hope to help reduce the suckiness level in the lives around you if you don’t.

Climbing Mt. Fuji was one of the most intensely inspirational things I’ve done in my life.  In fact, I would probably have been content to pass away into eternity on that windy, chilled summit covered in eroded volcanic rock.  The altitude sickness could explain why this event is so etched into my being, but viewing this photograph really does feed the flame of my memory-emotion connection.  Climbing Mt. Fuji is currently my mega-inspirational event, which I think about often to keep things in perspective and keep the suck at bay.

So, what can you do?  How about whatever inspires you, whatever brings back that spark to life.  Start with the little things first.  We wouldn’t want you to end up in the Emergency Room after a failed attempt at base jumping.  But do go to the extreme eventually when you’re ready. 

There’s something special about watching the sun set and rise.  I recommend starting there.  Then maybe plant that herb garden, unpack the guitar in the attic, soften those hardened paintbrush bristles with new paint, write that short story, get involved in community affairs, join a sports club, start amateur wrestling, volunteer at a soup kitchen, run, swim, skip, dance, enjoy fine dining, perfect your grilling technique, discover a new way to do something you do everyday… and finally, embrace every event in your life as an inspirational, zen moment. 

Life is more than we often make of it.  Find your inspiration in order to center yourself, so that you can touch the lives of those around you.

Google Image Search Result.

Teachers, show me the light.

I’ve skimmed through SB 736 and it seems consistent with performance measures for private professions. It seems overkill to pass a bill that ties pay to performance, though. Isn’t your pay already tied to your performance? Do you feel that your peers in education are being fairly compensated at this time? 

We’ll see what happens. Not sure how they plan to make this work and at the same time cut education funding. It’s like jumping into a pool that’s been drained.

There are provisions to judge performance based on other metrics in addition to or in lieu of the FCAT scores. Hopefully they’ll attach certain baselines to poor performing students, so that teachers aren’t dinged for not making miracles happen with the lumps of clay (poor performers) each year the student progresses. Yeah, I just called poor performing students lumps of clay. Lumps of clay aren’t not necessarily bad (see below).

I think the system needs reformed to be able to fail students that are failing. The responsiblity to learn falls on the students and parents, even if the teachers are sub-par. That’s what textbooks are for! Teachers are facilitators, not magicians! You can’t teach a lump of clay to do calculus. And sometimes, maybe, lumps of clay do better as a piece of pottery (not everyone is going to be able to do calculus).  We need trade schools, art schools, etc.

It’s all going to be in how things are executed. Of course, I’m sure they’ll go the easy route.

Now give me some things to think about. Point me to what lines in the bill are causing major indigestion:

Well, stemming from a good conversation regarding business management styles, I was going to write a post about opposing management philosophies, yin-yang style interaction, soft power, etc., and basically bore you with concepts that really don’t hold up too well in actual practice because these interactions are so dynamic that a single style does not work for all scenarios.

Actually, the very long runon sentence above pretty much summarizes everything I was going to post.  It’s a two-for-one blog then, because I fell like doing some Google Image Search bafoonery.

To assist in the stream of consciousness keywording, today’s soundtrack (M4Mind Radio) is being brought to me via – check it out if you aren’t already plugged in.

So here are the Google Image Search results that pop up when a string of keywords are entered using my stream of thought:

Keyword String: grapple manning pies horse

Google Image Search Result.

  Keyword String: Gross spinning cow gut

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Bama green why do colors keep coming into my mind

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Escucha me corazone what does that mean cortizone whoa

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: howard the brown cow walked into the sun today

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: dakaka dii dkakaka dooo di di di

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Keyword String

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Her hips were like eggs and toast

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: yeah that string wasn’t going to work because it was just noises in my mind

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Song is pretty good rock back and forth

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Tom Selleck and a Dan Whaling

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: Google Image Search is not #winning right now

Google Image Search Result.

Keyword String: This is just getting too absurd Google

Google Image Search Result.

And we have Dr. Frank-N-Furter with a most fitting response via the Google search algorithm.  Perfection.  Good night all, and may your days be completely absurd.

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