Fujisan Sunrise by I Am Janosik (2005)

Let those three words sink in.  Deep.  Believe it.  Embrace it.  Let it froth. 

Now forget it.

Instead, look up at the photograph of this beautiful sunrise I took near the summit of Mt. Fuji, and be inspired to make your life suck less.  Because you can’t hope to help reduce the suckiness level in the lives around you if you don’t.

Climbing Mt. Fuji was one of the most intensely inspirational things I’ve done in my life.  In fact, I would probably have been content to pass away into eternity on that windy, chilled summit covered in eroded volcanic rock.  The altitude sickness could explain why this event is so etched into my being, but viewing this photograph really does feed the flame of my memory-emotion connection.  Climbing Mt. Fuji is currently my mega-inspirational event, which I think about often to keep things in perspective and keep the suck at bay.

So, what can you do?  How about whatever inspires you, whatever brings back that spark to life.  Start with the little things first.  We wouldn’t want you to end up in the Emergency Room after a failed attempt at base jumping.  But do go to the extreme eventually when you’re ready. 

There’s something special about watching the sun set and rise.  I recommend starting there.  Then maybe plant that herb garden, unpack the guitar in the attic, soften those hardened paintbrush bristles with new paint, write that short story, get involved in community affairs, join a sports club, start amateur wrestling, volunteer at a soup kitchen, run, swim, skip, dance, enjoy fine dining, perfect your grilling technique, discover a new way to do something you do everyday… and finally, embrace every event in your life as an inspirational, zen moment. 

Life is more than we often make of it.  Find your inspiration in order to center yourself, so that you can touch the lives of those around you.